30 seconds to teach you to quickly understand the man’s heart

In a normal interpersonal relationship, a stranger meets, and in just 30 seconds, it will make a preliminary impression on the other party. In just 7 minutes, you can decide that you like it or not. Don’t feel very surprised. In just 7 minutes, we can quickly understand the man’s heart. You can measure it from the following details! The smell of a woman knows that a man likes a red man, his feelings are very warm, but his temper is slightly I am a man who likes blue, likes to be alone, does not love the excitement; a man who likes yellow is very cheerful and simple, but it is also somewhat childish; a man who likes green is calm and has a good taste, is a typical popular lover; like white He is flexible, but somewhat neurotic. He is a master of romance, and he is in love with him, and he always has surprises; People who like black are ignorant, not a good conversation, but steady. The character of the man’s clothing can basically distinguish the character of the man. In the conversation, you can find out which colors he usually likes, so you can see if he is right for you. Underwear to see men Some men do not like to wear underwear, especially young men. But many mature men will like underwear, because it seems more respectful to each other. A man who likes white tights has a self-confidence in his body. The tighter the underwear, the more proud he is about his sexuality, the less likely you are to be satisfied. Men who like to wear loose underwear do not like to show off the bed skills, but will only show you unlimited attention, he will make you feel that you are the most beautiful woman in the world. The man who is eclectic in underwear is not unconventional. His freedom of thought, freedom of movement, and easy to satisfy – whether it is for you or for himself. Men who like to run, swim and other single sports, like to be alone and enjoy it. Men who like group games such as football, basketball, baseball, etc., like to compete – whether in the sports arena or in their careers and lives, they like to compete with the people around them. Men who don’t like sports at all like to think and be independent. A man who cares too much about his hair. If a man cares about his hair like a woman cares about fashion, he will have the advantage of self-confidence and the shortcomings of being careful. A man who thinks his hair is very good will treat himself as a public. The center, not the object that the hand refers to. They have enough confidence, but some are easily over-promoted to narcissism. These men will not be careful enough, because they tend to ignore the feelings of people around them, especially women, when they pay attention to their hairstyles or appearances. Many women want men to pay more attention to themselves, but men may not find out. They are used to getting whatever they want, and often don’t want to lower their posture to cater to others. The self-confidence of a bald male man who is not confident will decrease with the decrease of hair. If he is bald, he may not be confident enough, but relatively speaking, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Such a man is more likely to think about the feelings of others, so it is easier to get along with him. It is easier to be with him.