Long-term singles are susceptible to network psychological disorders

What is the impact of network psychological barriers? The popularity of the Internet has indeed brought us a lot of conveniences and benefits, but in fact, it has now become one of the biggest problems affecting people’s mental health, such as network psychological barriers, below It is about the adverse effects of network psychological disorders. Singles are wary of network psychological barriers: the initial manifestation of network mental disorder is that the mood is low when leaving the network, and the self-mutilation behavior occurs in the late stage. With the popularity of computers, more and more netizens, and the resulting network psychological barriers have also attracted widespread attention. Network psychological disorder means that patients often have no reason to spend a lot of time and energy on the Internet to continuously chat and browse, which affects the quality of life, reduces work efficiency, impairs physical health, and presents various behavioral abnormalities. Personality disorder, sympathetic function is partially dysfunctional. It is typically characterized by low mood, lack of pleasure or loss of interest, sleep disorders, circadian clock disturbance, loss of appetite and weight loss, lack of energy, psychomotor retardation and agitation, decreased self-evaluation and decreased ability, slow thinking, suicidal ideation and Behavior, reduced social activity, heavy smoking, alcohol and dependence on drugs. In the early days of network psychological disorder, patients first felt that the Internet was infinitely fun, and they continued to extend the time on the Internet. Some people couldn’t help but open the computer to the Internet when they got up at night. They started to be mentally dependent —— eager to go online, and then develop into physical dependence, manifested as low mood, slow thinking, dizziness, trembling hands, fatigue and loss of appetite after getting up every day, mental state after going online Return to normal levels. In the advanced stage of the disease, the patient will have weight loss and appearance defects that are not related to physiological factors. Once the Internet is stopped, acute withdrawal syndrome may occur, and even self-harm or suicide may be adopted to endanger life safety. The age of onset of network mental disorder is between 15 & mdash; 45 years old, male patients account for 98.5% of the total number of cases, and women account for about 1.5%, 20 & mdash; A single male of 30 years old is a susceptible person. The treatment of network psychological disorder is still in the exploratory stage. The main measures are to encourage patients to actively participate in social activities, and gradually get rid of the dependence on the network. Clinically, comprehensive treatments such as antidepressants and psychotherapy can also be applied. I hope that everyone can pay attention to the understanding and understanding of these common senses. In the face of the use of network problems, we cannot ignore some of the unfavorable problems that exist in them, because the occurrence of network psychological barriers will actually give us normal life, and Physical and mental health is unfavorable.