How to get rid of the remaining women in the zodiac

In today’s society, the proportion of men and women is seriously out of tune, and the remaining men and women have become a huge group. In addition to social factors, there are still many problems, such as yin and yang disorders, poor fate and other factors. However, in the face of being left behind, various flash marriages, forced marriages, and blind date are endless. These conditions will undoubtedly force the older women to die, and even many people have missed the original happiness. Then, how can we get rid of the ranks of the leftover women and win the favor of Langjun? 1. It belongs to the phase mouse, the pig is a mouse, the female friend of the pig. If the single is still not in the current state, then the external method is more foggy, there is no substantial help. If you want to take advantage of the situation, you need to start from the inner problem. The method used can be used to add stars. It is recommended to consider changing the rental location outside the accommodation, choose the house in the east, add a fish tank in the bedroom, and implement the best in the autumn of the lunar calendar in August, so that it can play the role of the prosperous peach blossoms, which naturally helps Yu Ruyi Langjun’s search. 2, is a female friend of the cow, dragon, sheep, dog, and cattle, dragon, sheep, and dog. The method used is the opposite of the former. If the big move is not only unfavorable, it will lead to the potential peach blossom fortune. Therefore, these women of the zodiac should start in the beginning of this spring, and go to lakes, rivers and other places where water is strong. Especially in the blind date, when dating, more to borrow the natural trend, the big peach blossoms broke out, the effect is immediate. It is also possible to capture the heart of the other person in the event of a favorite person. However, this method of borrowing the trend will be unsatisfactory after the winter. It is still necessary to make a difference. 3, is a phase tiger, rabbits are tigers, female friends of rabbits. If you want to get rid of the status quo of the leftover woman quickly, you can try other methods outside of Feng Shui. In view of the fact that these two types of peach blossoms are not in the state, it is difficult to achieve the achievements of the Jiawu year, which leads to confusion, and may make some irrational choices. Therefore, the focus of the potential can correspond to the peach blossoms of the girlfriends, and through their help to fight for a good peach blossom, in principle, it is very reliable. However, there are many points to note. First of all, we must find the girlfriends who belong to them. Secondly, we must make a decision early. Otherwise, it will not only be hopeless for marriage, but will also be countered by the situation and hinder the marriage of friends. 4, is a snake, the horse is a snake, a female friend of the horse. It is not an easy task to get rid of the state of the leftover woman. It can be said that if you don’t pay, you will have a return, and the emotional problems will not break. If you don’t have a small injury, you will not gain much. Then the general trend of marriage is to be obtained from its own negative situation. You can try to develop your own love. If you want to get rid of singles, you need to be active and active. Feelings are disturbing Gezhong saw the dawn. 5, the genus of the monkey, the chicken is a monkey, the female friend of the chicken. Faced with the increasingly close autumn, it is just a good time to get rid of the situation of the left woman. The West is benefiting from the development of feelings. If you want to accomplish something, you must consider this factor in many aspects. First of all, it should be adjusted into a bed, adjusted in the position of the west, followed by water-repellent items, such as fish tanks. Although these things also have the effect of strengthening the marriage, but the road is not correct, the consequences are difficult to predict. It is recommended to pay attention to the right position, adjust it after the beginning of the autumn, and conditionally transfer the bedroom to the west position, so that the effect is better. In this way, finding a wishful Lang Jun is a beautiful thing.