How does the first kiss feel agitated?

Lead: Kissing is something that a couple can do. If you have just got rid of singles, make a person you like. Then, you must first learn how to kiss. Kissing can make the relationship between two people more harmonious. What should I pay attention to when kissing for the first time? 1. Before going out for a date, you must do a good oral cleaning, brush your teeth, eat a piece of chewing gum, and it’s fragrant and cool. The software won’t, the hardware must be done, because the opportunity may appear at any time. Don’t let the other person feel bad about you because of your tone, which is not good. 2. When the opportunity arises, you have to look at her all the time. She will also look at you at the same time. Then, from time to time, you will swallow your mouth, ignite the desire of her wishing to kiss, and lick your lips and slowly lean back. She will know what you want to do, she will close her eyes. 3. Before kissing her, remember to hold her shoulder or head first. If she does not hold her, she may run away because of fear, fear, nervousness, shyness and other uncertain factors. Chain 噢. 4. First sweep around the outside, don’t kiss your mouth at once, you can first kiss the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, ears, and then get the outside, she will be more relaxed, then you can do whatever you want, huh, huh. 5. Open your lips slightly, gently press on the other’s lips, don’t suffocate, breathe with your nose, stop still, then slowly put your tongue in, find her tongue, stir together, linger Kissing, until you can’t breathe, the first time may be shorter, it doesn’t matter, take a break for a minute, then practice a few times, it will be longer and longer, more and more skilled. But where is the first kiss best? 1) Kissing a cheek on the cheek is the most common etiquette in Western countries. In my country, it shows kindness, sharing and happiness. The first time I kissed the cheeks of the opposite sex is very affectionate, generous and generous, and everything is happy to share with each other. It is a reliable friend. 2) Forehead In general, the forehead is a symbol of wisdom. The first time you kiss the opposite sex forehead is usually gentle and considerate, rational and respectful of others’ feelings. Being very active, always thinking twice before doing things. Such friends are good. 3) The first time the back of the hand kisses the boy’s back is definitely a master of love. They are good at making romance and good at destroying romance. Career, money and power are always the dominant in their lives, love is always behind, and such people are often reluctant to give true feelings. 4) The man who kisses his girlfriend’s lips for the first time is usually single-minded in love, and will not be half-hearted. It is a love-loving person at first sight. Such boys usually love each other very much, and they are willing to live with each other for a lifetime. They will not be distracted and very emotional. If you are in love with each other, you can fall in love with confidence. 5) The person who kisses the other ear for the first time is very understanding. The person who likes to be thoughtful is always considerate, and is good at observing and understanding each other’s changes. It is a type that girls prefer. However, such boys are more arrogant and easy to go to extremes. 6) Friends who kiss the neck for the first time are often more frustrated and lazy, prefer to be self-centered. Such people tend not to be aggressive, and boys generally boast that their other half is stronger than themselves. However, this kind of person is relatively rare. 7) The eyes and eyes are the windows of the soul. The people who kiss each other’s eyes when they meet for the first time are the real seeds of infatuation. They are very specific to love and regard love as an indispensable thing in life. I will do everything for the other person wholeheartedly, without resentment. But this type of person is more prone to excitement. 8) Hair hair is a girl’s ever-changing laurel. Any pretty face must match the unique hairstyle, otherwise it will lose a lot of color. The first time people who kiss the opposite sex hair are vinegar-type people, they are very easy to jealous and will try their best to understand each other’s everything. Such people will love each other wholeheartedly, but they also demand the same return. The above content, if the boys feel good, may wish to be your beloved woman.